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People RV for many different reasons; full timers, snow birds, weekend warriors and family vacationers. Unless you are trying to be “off the grid” with no technology, you may want to watch TV in the RV while relaxing in the evening.

DSC_0029Some RV Parks have Cable TV hookups and most RVs are wired for cable. If there isn’t cable at your RV Park or you are Boondocking you are going to run into a few challenges. When we have FREE WIFI  we are set because we can watch all our favorite shows on our Roku which has Netflix, Hulu and Youtube.

We quickly realized when we didn’t have FREE WIFI the usage would eat up our 20 gigs of data with our Verizon Jetpack. The Verizon Coverage Area has been exceptional as we’ve been able to stay connected in around 95% of places we’ve stayed. DSC_0024We use AT&T for our phones and can set up our phones as a WIFI Hot Spot in the rare case we don’t have sufficient Verizon Signal. Additionally we have a Wilson Signal Booster for our Jetpack or Cell Phones which works great. In fact we’ve been in places with zero reception and had 3 bars with the Wilson.

So how do we watch our shows we love at any time on the road? We got an iPhone TV Converter so we can watch Netflix, Hulu or Youtube on our phone apps and then plug it into the TV. It projects whatever is on your phone screen onto the TV. The quality and streaming has been impressive and has give us the conveniences of home on the open road. Do you have any tips on staying connected while traveling? Please share in the comments section. Thanks and keep on camping!


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